[quoth] sarah kane: psychosis 4.48

Fluoxetine hydrochloride, trade name Prozac, 20mg, increased to 40mg. Insomnia, erratic appetite, (weight loss 14kgs,) severe anxiety, unable to reach orgasm, homicidal thoughts towards several doctors and drug manufacturers. Discontinued.

Mood: Fucking angry
Affect: Very angry.

Thorazine, 100mg. Slept. Calmer.

Venlafaxine, 75mg, increased to 150mg, then 225mg. Dizziness, low blood pressure, headaches. No other reaction. Discontinued.

Patient declined Seroxat. Hypochondria – cites spasmodic blinking and severe memory loss as evidence of tardive dyskinesia and tardive dementia.

Spasmodic blinking/blepharospasm (from Greek blepharo, eyelid, and spasmos, an uncontrolled muscle contraction): an involuntary contraction of one of the muscles that controls the eyelids, causing them to close; this prolonged closure obstructs vision and can leave someone effectively blind, despite the fact their eyes are otherwise normal.

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