[quoth] paul celan

Un subingener de suflete. Ein Seelen-Unteringenieur.

[quoth] paul celan: gegenlicht (in: mikrolithen sind's, steinchen)

Ein plötzlicher Windstoß raffte das Gesicht weg und enthüllte den Schleier

Sie fochten.
Und während sie fochten, häufte sich der Sand der Wüste, in der sie standen, am Rand ihrer Füße, langsam, Sandkorn um Sandkorn, und kletterte an ihnen hoch, Korn für Korn kletterte der Wüstensand an ihnen hoch. Sie fochten weiter. Der Sand kleidete ihre Füße ein, ihre Beine, ihre Knie, ihre Schenkel. Sie hielten nicht inne. Der Sand, der Sand der Wüste aber setzte sein Werk fort. Schon bedeckte er ihre Hüften, ihre Brüste, schon zog er das (Sand)hemd über ihre Schulter.
Und ein zweites, drittes und tausendstes Hemd......
Und begann von neuem: Sandschuh, Sandstrumpf, Sandhemd
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
Nur ihre Klingen blieben blank und taten einander so wehe, daß den Sekundanten die Herzen stillstanden.


[quoth] friedrich nietzsche: dionysos-dithyramben / also sprach zarathustra

Die Wüste wächst: wehe dem, der Wüsten birgt!
The deserts grow: woe him who doth them hide!


[quoth] first epistle of the corinthians 13:12

βλεπομεν γαρ αρτι δι εσοπτρου εν αινιγματι
For now we see through a glass, darkly.


[quoth] antonin artaud: recherche de la fécalité

Il y a dans l’être
quelque chose de particulièrement tentant pour l’homme
et ce quelque chose est justement

There is in being
something particularly tempting for man
and this something is none other than

[quoth] burroughs: the discipline of de

DE is a way of doing. It is a way of doing everything you do. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way as you will find as you advance in DE. You can start right now tidying up your flat, moving furniture or books, washing dishes, making tea, sorting papers. Consider the weight of objects exactly how much force is needed to get the object from here to there. Consider its shape and texture and function where exactly does it belong. Use just the amount of force necessary to get the object from here to there. Don't fumble jerk grab an object. Drop cool possessive fingers onto it like a gentle old cop making a soft arrest. Guide a dustpan lightly to the floor as if you were landing a plane. When you touch an object weigh it with your fingers feel your fingers in the object the skin blood muscles tendons of your hand and arm. Consider these extensions of yourself as precision instruments to perform every movement smoothly and well. Handle ovjects with consideration and they will show you all their little tricks. Don't tug or pull at a zipper. Guide the little metal teeth smoothly along feeling the sinuous ripples of cloth and flexible metals. Replacing the cap on a tube of tooth paste... (and this should always be done at once few things are worse than an uncapped tube maladroitly squeezed twisting up out of the bathroom glass drooling paste unless it be a tube with a cap barbarously forced on all askew against the threads). Replacing the cap let the very tips of your fingers protrude beyond the cap contacting the end of the tube guiding the cap into place. Using your finger tips as a landing gear will enable you to drop any light object silently and surely into its place. Remember every object has its place. If you don't find that place and put that thing there it will jump out at you and trip you or rap you painfully across the knuckles. It will nudge you and clutch at you and get in your way. Often such objects belong in the wastebasket but often it's just that they are out of place. Learn to place an object firmly and quietly in its place and do not let your fingers move that object as they leave it there. When you put down a cup separate your fingers cleanly from the cup. Do not let them catch in the handle and if they do repeat movement until fingers separate clean. If you don't catch that nervous finger that won't let go of that handle you may twitch hot tea across the Duchess. Never let a poorly executed sequence pass. If you throw a match at a wastebasket and miss get it right up and put that match in the wastebasket. If you habe time repeat the cast that failed. There is always a reason for missing a toss. Repeat toss and you will find it. If you rap your knuckles against a window jamb or door, if you brush your leg against a desk or a bed, if you catch your feet in the curled-up corner of a rug, or strike a toe against a desk or chair go back and repeat the sequence.


[quoth] pierre albert-birot: larountala


Ma tête ma tête ma tête
Non non non non non
Ma tê---------te

[quoth] jean-paul sartre: la nausée

Nous en avions une peur horrible parce que nous sentions qu'il était seul.
We were terribly afraid of him because we sensed that he was alone.

[diktionær] scopophobia

the fear of being seen and being stared at.

[quoth] friedrich nietzsche: klage der ariadne

Muss man sich nicht erst hassen, wenn man sich lieben soll?
Must one first not hate oneself, if one is to love oneself?

[quoth] haruki murakami: a wild sheep chase

Layers of fine sand had accumulated on the wooden shutters of the high, narrow double-hung windows. Rain had fixed the sand into configurations onto which another layer of sand had been blown, to be fixed in place by yet new rain.

[quoth] haruki murakami: a wild sheep chase

The light of morning decomposes everything.

[zwischenablage] halle; rot

[quoth] burroughs: cities of the red night

A shout from Jerry while we were eating brought us all to the rail, where we witnessed a wondrous sight known as the green flash, which occurs a moment after sunset. The whole western sky lit up a brilliant luminous green.

[quoth] under byen: spindelvævssind

Jeg ligger så godt - du må ikke hjælpe mig Du må ikke flytte mig - jeg ligger så godt
I lie comfortably - you must not help me You must not move me - I lie so comfortably

[quoth] sarah kane: psychosis 4.48

Fluoxetine hydrochloride, trade name Prozac, 20mg, increased to 40mg. Insomnia, erratic appetite, (weight loss 14kgs,) severe anxiety, unable to reach orgasm, homicidal thoughts towards several doctors and drug manufacturers. Discontinued.

Mood: Fucking angry
Affect: Very angry.

Thorazine, 100mg. Slept. Calmer.

Venlafaxine, 75mg, increased to 150mg, then 225mg. Dizziness, low blood pressure, headaches. No other reaction. Discontinued.

Patient declined Seroxat. Hypochondria – cites spasmodic blinking and severe memory loss as evidence of tardive dyskinesia and tardive dementia.

Spasmodic blinking/blepharospasm (from Greek blepharo, eyelid, and spasmos, an uncontrolled muscle contraction): an involuntary contraction of one of the muscles that controls the eyelids, causing them to close; this prolonged closure obstructs vision and can leave someone effectively blind, despite the fact their eyes are otherwise normal.

[quoth] jorge luis borges: el aleph

Nuestra mente es porosa para el olvido; yo mismo estoy falseando y perdiendo, bajo la trágica erosión de los años, los rasgos de Beatriz.
Our minds are permeable to forgetfulness, I myself am distorting and losing, through the tragic erosion of the years, the features of Beatriz.

[quoth] edgar allan poe: the man of the crowd, epigraph


Loosely cited by Poe (in his short-story The Man of the Crowd) from Jean de la Bruyère's Les Caractères (De l'homme, XI, § 99). The exact passage goes as follows:

Tout notre mal vient de ne pouvoir être seuls; de là le jeu, le luxe, la dissipation, le vin, les femmes, l'ignorance, la médisance, l'envie, l'oubli de soi-même et de Dieu.
All our troubles spring from our inability to endure Solitude: hence come gaming, luxury, dissipation, drink, licentiousness, scandal-mongering, envy, the neglect of oneself and of God.