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ἀναπαύσει γὰρ ἔοικεν ἡ παιδιά, ἀδυνατοῦντες δὲ συνεχῶς πονεῖν ἀναπαύσεως δέονται.
"Das Spiel gleicht einer Erholung, und da man nicht ununterbrochen arbeiten kann, bedarf man der Erholung."
Aristoteles - Nikomachische Ethik X, Kap. 6, 34f, 1176b
Via: Reload Episode 45.
Aufzeichnungen zu Videospielen, die mich nachhaltig geprägt haben und mit denen ich besondere, ja heitere Erinnerungen verbinde, speziell im Zusammenhang mit meinen alten Freunden.
Chris Cunningham: Mental Wealth (Playstation Ad, 1999)
Let me tell you what bugs me of the human endeavour. I've never been a human in question, have you? Mankind went to the moon, I don't even know where Grimsby is. Forget progress by proxy. Land on your own moon. It's no longer about what they can achieve, out there on your behalf, but what we can experience, up here and of our own time--and it's called mental wealth.
yt: videogames & cereals duke's archives skizzieren, observatorium, florentine's observatory, roth study, mirror's edge atrium, ayleid ruin in oblivion mit bücherregalen, alchemieapparaturen +OBLIVION: keep a notebook on collected herbs/alchemic ingredients and their effects; illustrations: alembic, mortar & pestle (Arqua); Robert Fludd [μνημοσύνη] +die kostbare Erinnerung an meine lieben alten Freunde (Steffi, Karo, Mandy, Anita, Tanni, Frank): unsere Zocksessions im Skatepark von Spyro 3, Tomb Raider (Tutorial Level in Laras Anwesen, Lara Klippen herabstürzen *lach*), Kula World, Mario Kart/Party +mein lieber Martin bringt eine brandneue PlayStation mit (ich bin gerade bei meiner Tante Kerstin zu Besuch) +SA, 18/07, 05:52 I'm randomly overwhelmed with the following vision: during a warm summer night, i'm sitting with my dear old friends (Steffi, Karo, Mandy, Anita, Tanni) on an elevated spot (similar to Captain Tsubasa, where Gonzo is living, or Kickers, at their training spot up at the end of the long staircase), we're playing Realms of the Haunting on our laptop, and we're looking at the nightly city landscape down in front of us, with its faint but present business, manifesting itself in the the various spots of light illuminating the buildings, and the distant traffic noises, the humming sound that i recall from my childhood in Braschwitz and which reminds me of the Ire in Realms of the Haunting +VideoText(Sat 1?): für eine Video-Text-Spiele-Rezension zu ROTH, die ich mir im Prinzip nur aus bestehenden Texten zusammengeklaut hatte, erhielt ich mal vor langer Zeit zur Belohnung ein Spiel, ich glaube Heroes Chronicles - Conquest of the Underworld +Computer Bild Spiele 01/2001 Asghan +Computer Bild Spiele 03/2001 Mobility, MDK +PlayStation: Tunguska, Kula World, Tomb Raider III, Spyro +PC: Flying Heroes [τροφή] +Ians Frühstück mit Bohnen, Bacon & Brotlaib +Böhnchen Trant & Dennis & Coco Pops (Almost Daily Mobile Apps) +Blue Dragon is “a bottomless bowl of Cap'n Crunch on a fifty-hour Saturday morning.” (http://www.actionbutton.net/?p=239) [juxtaposition] Tower of Latria & Gruselkabinett Die Squaw von Bram Stoker & Larry Brent Nr. 35: Party im Blutschloß [τόπος] Realms of the Haunting: The Study [τόπος] the duke's archives: library of seath the scaleless (dark souls) [τόπος] the lord's private chamber (dark souls II) [τόπος] the castle of ramon salazar (resident evil 4) +savespots: #10 3-2 (09:54:51) garden & #12 (after eliminating the dogs) +dining room after Ada encounter: "A dessert to cherish our remaining years" "Bread begins the meal of life" "Meat to savor the time at hand" "One last drink and the bottle breaks, returning us to the dust from whence we came" +painting inside room with rocket launcher? +after setting all parts into the grand hall relief > outside: what a view! [λετ’σ πλαψ] Azguul: Dark Souls Boltage McGammar: Golden Sun Disthron: Realms of the Haunting iRevo1: Resident Evil 4 IthilionTheBrave: Demon's Souls Jefflarz: The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft MajorSlack: Borderlands Gamefront: Demon's Souls SKRecords: TKKG Mirror's Edge

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