Ariadne bang-hungry xerophyte standing against pillar arms around rose granite pillar part of tetrapylon ears cloven to rose granite firmly. Someone maybe Theseus had once told her that a pillar of this tetrapylon would resound all the noises of the universe. Yearning xerophyte spent the last fifteen days wrapped around fifteen of the sixteen Corinthians with her ears cloven to the rose granite in search of a specific noise (- the voice of Dionysos). As midnight approaches of the sixteenth day, Ariadne has not found what she was seeking to hear her ears dolorous and dusty from having scanned the pillars in disarray, so wails over having forgotten the voice of the Ruthless and nearly falls off the plinth. Swinging her left arm around the pillar again she dashes her right hand clenched to fist with protruding veins repeatedly against the granite until her hand splits asunder sullies the rose granite with drams of blood and smidgens of sand disconnects from the stump plunks against the stylobate trickles down to the desert ground. She beholds the stump bleakly lets her arm slump down to her side drams of blood smudging her dress and cataract of sanguine sand defecates from the aperture. Dejectedly she descends down the plinth down the crepidoma rests on every step with exhaustion ensconces herself eventually against the lowest stereobate cheek on verdure sand Ariadne softly strokes across the sand with her hand left whispers "there, there." Blue umbrage of night meshing with yellow iridescence of sand equals verdure viridian blue umbrage of night meshing with rubicundity of pillars equals violet. Strokes across sand softly when finger ends happen across solid something Ariadne roaming now through sand with her hand left disclosing a hand made of marble a hand holding a bunch of grapes a hand of Dionysos, "evoë." Ariadne dashes the hand against the lowest stereobate with resolution and renewed verve lest to break the hand itself but to remove the grapes then presses the hand against her cheek then plugs it into her stump replacing the defective bygone. Proceeds roaming through the sand discloses Thyrsus staff of Dionysos, "evoë," hauls herself up on staff, left hand clutched around staff with protruding veins,
"Dionysos. Cygne noir. Sag etwas."


Da floh er selber,
mein einziger Genoss,
mein grosser Feind,
mein Unbekannter,
mein Henker-Gott! ...

komm zurück!
Mit allen deinen Martern!
All meine Thränen laufen
zu dir den Lauf
und meine letzte Herzensflamme
dir glüht sie auf.
Oh komm zurück,
mein unbekannter Gott! mein Schmerz
mein letztes Glück! ..."