Pop critic Colson Whitehead said that it is failure, that guides evolution. Perfection offers no incentive for evolution. Progress will only happen by embracing and utilizing your errors creatively. In a creative work progress with high emphasis on speed, finish and perfection, accidents and failure are often the key to becoming truly inventive and discovering new approaches.
John Cage once looked closely at a sheet of note paper and discovered that the music was already there: The small scratches, marks and dirt were notes that just needed to be traced.*
Enough about music. This is getting nowhere …
(Rhesus B)

*“I looked at my paper,” said Cage. “Suddenly I saw that the music, all the music, was already there.” He conceived of a procedure which would enable him to derive the details of his music from the little glitches and imperfections which can be seen on sheets of paper. It had symbolic as well as practical value; it made the unwanted features of the paper its most significant ones—there is not even a visual silence.

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